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Meet the team

Andy Thomas, MCSP, HCPC

Testt® founder and Chartered Physiotherapist Andy Thomas has held the roles of High Performance Human Science and Sports Medicine Advisor to the USA (2015 - 2022) and GB Equestrian Teams (2005 - 2015)  Andy has a wealth of experience second to none including attending 4 Olympic Games, 4 World Championships and 12 European Championships.


Forming the link between asymmetry and rider-horse performance, Andy set about extensively researching and developing a system that would allow riders, coaches and therapists to monitor, discuss and remedy asymmetry in athletes across all equestrian disciplines.


And so Testt® was established.


Nia Thomas

Course and Rider Clinic Co-Ordinater

and Director

Nia’s role as a company director within Testt reaches far and wide as she is the first point of contact and the internal link of communications for clients, delegates and hosts for assessments and educational projects.

Her passion for education follows a 30 year career as a Registered Nurse and drives the ethos of Symmetry, Education, Performance for Testt. 

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