Improve your performance

We provide one-to-one Testt® assessment clinics at worldwide locations, offering an on-horse analysis of your riding and the identification of your specific asymmetry type. Andy provides a comprehensive solution to correcting your pelvic asymmetry issues, as well as a rehabilitation plan to enable you to maintain this correction, thus improving your ridden performance.

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Dates for Testt® clinics

September 14th 15th Moray Vikki James: (Full)

September 16th 17th 18th: Niamh Meehan Aberdeen: (Full)

September 19th: Lorraine Strachen Aberdeen: (Full)

September 25th: Tyddyn Farm Mold: Contact

September 26th: Libby Shakesby Cheshire: Contact

September 27th: Beaver Hall Staffs:Contact

September 28th: Patsy Bartrum Derbyshire: Contact

September 29th: Sue Moore Leicestershire: Contact

September 30th: Sheepgate Equestrian:Contact

October 2nd: Amie Langley Herts: Contact

October 3rd 4th: Abi Cross Northants: Contact

October 5th: Kingswood EC W Mids:Contact

October 10th: Rachel Longworth long Eaton: Contact

October 16th: Deven Bellis Mold:Contact

October 17th: Fosshey Stud Cheshire: Contact

October 18th 19th: Tracey Clarkson Malton N Yorks: Contact

October 20th: Wealsby Grimsby: Contact

October 23rd: Jane Critchley Denstone Stud (full)

October 24th: Carrie McDonnell Oswestry:Contact

October 26th to 28th: Kent

October 29th: Sarah Sjoholm Patience: West Sussex

October 30th 31st: Natasha Rumble: Gillingham Dorset:

November 9th: Diane Thurman Baker: Oxfordshire 

November 13th: Knowsley Dressage: 

November 18th 19th: Elaine Harvey Crix Essex

November 24th: Olivia Towers: (Full)

November 28th 29th Gill Liggins Thurcroft 

December 1st: Lisa Lane Penistone S Yorks