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We provide one-to-one Testt® assessment clinics at worldwide locations, offering an on-horse analysis of your riding and the identification of your specific asymmetry type. Andy provides a comprehensive solution to correcting your pelvic asymmetry issues, as well as a rehabilitation plan to enable you to maintain this correction, thus improving your ridden performance.

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All disciplines, all levels EVERYONE WELCOME, we can not stress this enough.

Specialised Hip and Groin Pain Clinics

Dysfunction and pain in the hip and groin is a common rider problem often leading to reduced participation in the sport.

There can be many different pathologies that cause the pain and affect riding and possibly everyday life.

Common symptoms may include:

  • Pain getting on and off

  • Pain for the first 10 mins of riding

  • Pain on engaging the leg

  • Pain while jumping and landing

  • Night pain

  • Difficulty doing everyday tasks around your horses

These clinics are designed particularly for riders of all abilities and disciplines that are having difficulty with their riding due to hip and groin pain. These sessions will include a comprehensive assessment and detailed rehabilitation plan and can include pre operative and post operative solutions and care. 

Andy has a particular clinical interest in this area having had a total hip replacement himself 7 years ago.

He will offer advice, treatment and devise rehabilitation plans for all riders to help with pain management and put in place a long term plan to enable riders to continue enjoy their sport without discomfort.

For further information please email : nia@eventphysio.com

Dates for Testt® clinics

April 2nd : Diane Thurman Baker (Full)

April 3rd : Jane Critchley Denstone Stud (Full)

April 9th : Fossehay Stud Cheshire Contact: sandratinker@aol.com

April 10th : Knowsley Dressage Contact: testt@eventphysio.com

April 11th : Katie Scott Greasby EC Contact: greasbyshow@live.co.uk

April 14th : Libby Towers Herefordshire Contact: libbytowers@hotmail.co.uk

April 15th : Louise Baker Wrangway (Full)

April 16th : Louise Baker Exeter (Full)

April 17th : Natasha Rumble Wiltshire Contact: rumble1996@hotmail.co.uk

April 18th : Natasha Rumble Wiltshire Contact: rumble1996@hotmail.co.uk

April 19th : Hannah Biggs Wiltshire Contact: hannahbiggs@btinternet.com

April 20th : Lindsey Dawes Fairoak Grange Contact: mail@fairoakgrange.co.uk

April 21st : Lindsey Dawes Fairoak Grange Contact: mail@fairoakgrange.co.uk

April 22nd : Kerri Thompson Hedley Stud (Full)

April 25th : Jackie Wright Tyddyn Farm (Full)

April 26th : Lisa Lane/Amy Hawley S Yorks (Full)

April 27th : Sue Carson Derbyshire Contact: testt@eventphysio.com

April 29th: Judy Harvey Buckingham Contact: judy.harvey@btinternet.com

May 1st : Amy Gunningham Leics Contact: testt@eventphysio.com

May 2nd : Gill Liggins Thurcroft Hall Contact: testt@eventphysio.com

May 3rd : Gill Liggins Thurcroft Hall Contact: testt@eventphysio.com

May 4th : Patsy Bartram Swadlincote Contact: testt@eventphysio.com

May 6th : Sheepgate EC Contact: spayne@sheepgate.co.uk

May 8th : Rachel Staples Ongar: Contact testt@eventphysio.com

May 9th : Sarah Sjoholm-Patience  Sussex Contact: sarah@sarahsjoholmpatience.com

May 10th : Louisa Cuomo Deepdene Stables (Full)

May 11th : Louisa Cuomo Sparrowoast EC (Full)

May 12th : Mark Butler Dressage Kent Contact: emmathomas25@yahoo.co.uk

May 16th : Mel Turner LA11 6LL Contact: testt@eventphysio.com

May 17th : Lilly Godfrey Lanarkshire Contact: testt@eventphysio.com

May 18th : Lilly Godfrey Lanarkshire Contact: testt@eventphysio.com

May 19th : Lorraine Grant Caskieben Dressage Contact:  Full

May 20th : Lorraine Grant Caskieben Dressage Contact:  Full

May 22nd: Cedric Hepper Morpeth Contact: cedric.hepper@outlook.com

23rd 24th May : Tanya Buckingham Scotch Corner Contact: testt@eventphysio.com 

May 27th : Sarah Gairdner Banbury Contact: sarahgairdner@icloud.com

May 29th : Rachel Longworth Shardlow (Full)

May 30th : Kate Rowland Knebworth: Contact: katerowland1@hotmail.co.uk

May 31st: Pysche Dell Tatsfield Surrey Contact: psychedell@sky.com

June 6th: Libby Shakesby Acton Bridge Cheshire Contact: libbywilliams62@yahoo.co.uk

June 11th: Emma Foy Crix

June 12th: Jodie Steel Colchester: Contact: testt@eventphysio.com

June 21st: Tia Lewis / Sam York Eckring Contact: ltia72@aol.com

June 26th: Jane Critchley Denstone Stud

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