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Frequently asked questions

I am not an elite rider, can I still attend your clinic?

The clinic is open to all levels of riders and horses

How do I host a clinic at my venue?

To do this contact Nia Thomas

What does the assessment entail?

For the 60-minute assessment, Andy will first view the rider on the horse (centre line and circles), then assessment off the horse and the asymmetry will be addressed and then Andy will view you back on the horse again. After this, a rehab-plan of exercise will be provided.

Do I have to bring my own horse?

Ideally yes as often, the problems are specific to the combination but we can do the assessment on a horse you may have borrowed for the day.

Can my coach attend the clinic with me?

Yes of course, but we do not allow any therapists to attend.

There is a clinic in my area, can I come and watch?

Unfortunately not as these are individual private sessions.

Can I video my own assessment?

Yes you may however, we do not allow the off horse assessment to be videoed

I want to cancel my assessment, how do I do this?

We have a cancellation policy which you will see when you book.