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Thomas equestrian symmetry types and tests

With 36 years Chartered Physiotherapy experience Andy has spent the last 20 years assessing over 14,000 riders, ranging from elite Olympic athletes to complete amateur novices riding in all disciplines. From these assessments, Andy has identified three different types of pelvic asymmetry and correction that have a profound effect on both rider and horse performance, this forms the basis of the Testt® process.

Testt® Online Education

We are excited to launch our brand new and exciting platform of educational materials which support the learning and development of therapists, practitioners, instructors, coaches and riders. The materials are easily accessible from any device or location and are designed to be viewed at the pace you wish to learn.

A true font of knowledge

"I attended the Testt® clinic for saddle fitters with Andy Thomas and his team. Andy has years of experience and is a true font of knowledge, his delivery methods made the day fly by and all of the information imparted has stayed with me."


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Get to know Chartered Physiotherapist Andy Thomas and the team behind Testt®

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