Testt Mounted Symmetry Assessment

60 minute assessment with Andy which consists of;

- 15 minutes on horse viewing, utilising simple flat work, straight lines + circles

- 15 minutes off horse where Andy will use the Testt process to review which pelvis asymmetry type you have before re-correcting and activating

- 15 minutes review back on horse with utilisation of activation bands if necessary

- 15 minutes to end back off horse to discuss the personalised rehabilitation plan which Andy will provide via aintergrated app

Testt Activation Kit

Test Un-Mounted Symmetry Assessment

45 minute assessment with Andy which consists of;

- Utilising the Testt process to review which pelvis asymmetry type you have before re-correcting and activating.

- Personalised rehabilitation plan will be provided via a integrated app

Activation of the Gluteus Medius is essential before you ride. This muscle is critical in controlling lateral stability ie: to stop your seat dropping to the outside on a circle or corner. Gluteus Medius also provides the connection switch to help activate the other stability muscles located around the pelvis and trunk, without gluteus medius activating these other muscles cannot engage fully.

After developing a system of pelvis asymmetry analysis called  Testt™️, Andy Thomas has put together a tool kit of Activation exercises and products in a handy go-to bag.

Try Glut Med activation 15 minutes before riding (with your hat and boots on ready to go!), follow the recommended exercises by using the Trackactive App. Once your order has been processed, you will receive an email link - follow the instructions to access the exercises. By purchasing you are agreeing to receive the email link. If you do not wish to receive the link then you MUST notify us on purchasing.

The Testt™️ activation kit contains: 1 x drawstring bag with Testt logo, 1 x longer length (latex) Activation band, 1 x Activation block, 2 x Activation loops (latex free), intergarted exercise Testt Activity app

Client feedback :
“Between my very first ridden assessment with Andy, and my follow up three weeks later, my one sided ness had improved out of all recognition. My trainer told me he couldn’t believe how well I was riding and, most importantly of all, the canter pirouettes, half passes and changes had moved up to an 8! Doing the exercises daily and particularly just before you ride dramatically improves performance of both rider and therefore the horse.”

Postage currently only to UK (standard delivery) and Ireland

🔴 These items are not toys, keep out of the reach of children

🔴 Stop the exercise if you feel discomfort or pain

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Managing the Imbalanced Rider Course

Prior to this he was the Lead Practitioner for Human Science and Sports Medicine to The British Equestrian Federation for 10 years.
He has attended 3 Olympic Games, 4 World Championships and 12 European Championships

He is the developer of Testt™️ (Thomas Equestrian Symmetry Types and Tests) a system of assessing imbalances and weaknesses in equestrian riders.

He provides a unique insight into the management of the human equestrian athlete.

➡️ This course is specifically written for Pilates instructors with experience in delivering exercise programmes to the human equestrian athlete (this course does not instruct Pilates)
➡️ It is delivered over 6 hours consisting of theory and practical based learning split over 4 key sections:

🔹 Overview of asymmetries and imbalances
🔹 Functional anatomy related to rider performance and specific imbalance patterns
🔹 Functional testing and screening (theory and practice)
🔹 Rehabilitation of imbalances with an emphasis on specific muscle control related to complex imbalance patterns

In the theoretical sections Andy will utilise videos of common rider asymmetry patterns that are seen on the horse during basic movements.

➡️ Course book and certificate provided
➡️ Lunch included
➡️ Cost £150 per delegate
➡️ Purchase via ticket link which directs you to our online store at

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