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Testt® - Intro for coaches

Testt® - Intro for coaches

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This programme of learning has been developed to enhance the understanding of asymmetries in riders for coaches working in equestrian sport.


Andy brings together over 30 years of working in elite sport as a Chartered Physiotherapist, 18 of which are within equestrian (as well as being a rider himself).


Andy is a leading authority in rider asymmetry and lectures internationally on this subject and its effect on performance.


This module has educated over 400 coaches worldwide with the aim of learning to introduce the coach to the Testt® theory, relating functional anatomy and biomechanics to common riding asymmetry problems.


The Testt® process is based on the evaluation of over 13,000 riders, from the elite to the novice in all Olympic equestrian disciplines. It aims to provide the coach with a clear and reasoned assessment process to identify the key Testt® asymmetry patterns and how to correct them for the period the rider is on the horse and primarily improve performance.


This module includes two ridden assessments where the Testt® process is demonstrated in a practical environment to show how the horse and rider changes following the identification and correction of the asymmetries using the Testt® process.


Andy’s principle to educate others has always been altruistic. We hope that Andy’s learning and understanding can inspire others and future developments to enhance the welfare of the horse and rider.


This module is the prerequisite learning to then apply for the Testt® Certified Pathway for Coaches 

Please note this video is for your personal use only. It is strictly forbidden to share the video with anyone else or share through an institution. Please contact us if you would like to arrange group access.


Length of viewing time : 125 minutes (Learning pdfs included)


Rental period : 1 week (this starts once you purchase the course), no refunds will be provided, please ensure that you have enough time to view the module and that you have adequate wifi speed for streaming prior to purchase.


Price : £85 inc VAT


CPD Certificate : On request by email

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