Rider Symmetry Clinics and Courses

Clinics 2020

Courses TBA

22 Jan Swallowfield EC Warks

23rd Jan Kent (full)

29th Jan Monmouthshire

30th Jan Banbury

Feb 10th Sheepgate Lincs

Feb 11th Burnley

Feb 12th North Yorks

Feb 15th 16th Tuscon Arizona

Feb 26th West Sussex

Feb 27th Kent

March 3rd Suffolk

March 7th Surrey

March 8th Surrey

March 9th Banbury

March 11th 12th Monmouthshire

March 30th Oxford

April 1st Retford

April 5th Kent

April 6th West Sussex

April 8th Sheepgate Lincs

April 30th Leics

May 6th to 9th Conneticut

May 10 to 16th Massachusetts

June 24th Warwickshire

July 6th Banbury

September 21st Banbury

November 2nd Banbury

16th Jan: Testt: Level One Assessment and Treatment of the Asymmetrical Rider (Therapists Only) Warwickshire.

4th March: Testt Managing the Asymmetrical Rider (Saddle fitters) Banbury.

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