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Testt®️Seminar Live Stream View - August 21st 2021 (With Viewing Access For 72 Hours)

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This is an Innovative Seminar delivered by Andy Thomas Chartered Physiotherapist, leading Practitioner in rider asymmetry and founder and developer of Testt®.


Exploring rider asymmetry, this seminar will practically demonstrate how the Testt® process can be utilised by Riders, Coaches, Therapists and Saddle Fitters to enhance human movement and therefore positively developing horse performance.


6 ridden demonstrations will provide discussion of the asymmetry triad (rider, saddle, horse) and how implementing Testt® activation Testt® taping methods, resistance band protocols and coaching influences performance and results.

The seminar will be delivered in the historic Unicorn Equestrian Centre, run by The Unicorn Equestrian Trust, a registered charity, it provides outstanding equestrian facilities to those of all abilities and disciplines.

Viewing available through live streaming (with viewing access for 72 hours).

Interactive Q and A session for the morning and afternoon with the panel of speakers and riders which is exclusive to our online viewers.

The event is open to all, our aim is to provide an educational and social/networking environment with super horse and rider combinations, guest speakers and without a powerpoint slide in sight.




Session 1 : Testt® : Enhancing Human Movement for Performance of Horse and Rider, The Physiotherapist's Approach


Andy Thomas founder and developer of Testt® will explain and demonstrate the Testt® process practically on and off horse, utilising Physiotherapy techniques, Testt® band protocols and Testt® taping techniques to influence the quality of movement of the horse and rider.

Our demonstration rider is Emily Sutherland


Session 2 : Testt® Certified Coach : Testt® Theories and Practices to Enhance Coaching Outcomes


Sarah Payne is currently part of the Testt® Certification process and will demonstrate alongside Andy how coaches utilise the Testt® processes band protocols and taping techniques to benefit coaching skills and techniques to enhance the rider and horse performance. 

Our demonstration rider is Olivia Towers 


Session 3 : Testt® The Developing Child In Equestrian Sport


An understanding of the musculoskeletal development of a child is essential for any coach progressing a rider through this critical phase of riding. Neuromusculoskeletal development is relevant in all equestrian sport, the coaches understanding and working within a multidisciplinary team only enhances a safe and progressive environment. 

Our demonstration rider is Elan Haf Williams, a 12 year old Grade 1 para equestrian rider who is accompanied by her coach Sara Jones-Williams. This performance team have integrated the Testt® process to enhance Elan’s sport progression. 


Elan will be joined by International GB Paralympian Ricky Balshaw, who will discuss his progression in the sport and offer coaching and experiential advice to this talented young rider.


Session 4 : Testt® The Asymmetry Triad


Here, Louisa Cuomo, developer of Louisa Cuomo Saddles, professional saddle fitter and part of the Testt® Certified process, will demonstrate how integrating the Testt® process within saddle fitting can facilitate symmetry and the development of horse and rider performance.

Our demonstration rider is Ivan Aguado Melet with coach and In-hand Specilaist Emily J Baker


Session 5: Testt® : Rider Symmetry; How It Can Influence Results 


In this innovative session, List 1 judge Judy Harvey will judge Grand Prix and PSG movements, and discuss the reasoning behind the scores given. The riders will then be assessed using the Therapeutic and Coaching aspects of the Testt® process to affect the movement and performance of rider and horse.


How, then, does this impact the scores when Judy re-judges the movement?

Can we influence performance (and ultimately scores) by implementing the Testt® methods?

Our Grand Prix demonstration rider is Double Olympian Emma Hindle

Our PSG demonstration rider is Michael Whippey

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