Mentorship Package - Therapists


Testt® : Mentorship package for therapists:

This is an exclusive opportunity to purchase a year long mentorship package led by Andy Thomas developer of Testt for those that have purchased the Testt therapy course. The package will include:

  • Monthly CPD both group and individual

  • Webinars

  • Case study discussions

  • Functional Anatomy

  • Rider movement dysfunctions

  • Rider assessments

  • Research discussions

  • Exercise and training

  • Pathology treatment and management

  • Exclusive videos

  • Enhance your professional development

  • Annual face to face practical CPD seminar with demo riders lunch and refreshments

  • Guest speaker

(can be a virtual experience if unable to attend)

The Testt® lecture series is exclusive to this mentorship package and will cover the following topics starting in November. All lectures will include discussion on the treatment and management of riders and case study examples.

  • Nov: Lumbar spine dysfunction and pain in riders

  • Dec: Hip and groin dysfunction and pain in riders

  • Jan:  Shoulder pain in riders

  • Feb: Cervical spine dysfunction and pain in riders

  • Mar: Lower limb injury and considerations for rehab in riding

  • Apr:  Rehabilitating riders with joint replacement


Cost: £65 per month for 12 months click above to subscribe



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Testt: The technical detail: A pathway to certification for coaches





19th and 20th August 2021

Learn from world leading educator on rider asymmetry Andy Thomas, a must for equestrian coaches who want to develop their interest in the asymmetrical rider and further their knowledge of functional anatomy and the Testt process.
The Testt process is a unique system designed to quickly and effectively identify rider asymmetries. It has been developed over the past 15 years and has been used on over 12,000 riders from novice to Olympic and World Champions in all disciplines.
The process details the correction process both on and off the horse to create symmetry and elicit correct movement patterning for the time the rider is on the horse to allow improved movement of both the rider and horse.
The Certification Pathway is designed specifically for equestrian coaches who have attended the first course for coaches either face to face training or online and who have demonstrated their continued interest in the Testt process in their regular coaching work.
The pathway consists of two days theoretical and practical application at The Unicorn Centre, Stow on the Wold, to receive Certification the coach is then required to complete 6 written case studies and a viva question and answer assessment within 6 months of the course date.
The pathway is a non therapeutic approach that provides the coach with a structured assessment and correction process identifying rider asymmetry with application of Testt principles on and off horse. Understand the physiology of the rider and how it is related to implementation of the correction techniques of exercises, bands and taping











Two Day Training cost £1,650 which includes :

🔹Minimum of 18.5 hours CPD face to face training
🔹8 hours of Pre “reading” educational videos for refreshment of learning (from the part one course)
🔹All food and refreshments for the two days including evening dinner and drinks reception on the first night
🔹6 months ongoing mentorship and assessment of case studies/viva
🔹Backpack of equipment utilised during Testt coach application
🔹Following successful certification the use of Testt Certification branding and network of support with like minded Certified coaches
🔹 For detailed information and application form : email :