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Testt®: The Neuromusculoskeletal approach to evaluating and improving functional human movement in equestrian sport

Wellington Florida 

3rd and 4th February 2024 

This is a unique educational and networking opportunity in the United States to learn from world leading educator on rider asymmetry Andy Thomas MCSP, HCPC, a must for therapists chiropractors osteopaths athletic trainers who want to develop their interest in assessing, treating and rehabiitation of the asymmetrical rider and further their knowledge of functional anatomy physiology rehab techniques  using evidence based and clinically reasoned approaches incorporated into the Testt® process.

The Testt® process is a unique system designed to quickly and effectively identify rider asymmetries, for therapists  it has practical solution based outcomes. It has been developed over the past 20 years and has been used on over 14,000 riders from novice to Olympic and World Champions in all disciplines. 

The education consists of two days theoretical and practical application. 

Day 1 : Theory and Practice:  venue Fairfield Inn and Suites (Marriott ) Wellington Florida

  • Anatomy of the equestrian athlete: Creating an understanding of the key muscles groups, joints ligaments and fascia

  • Functional Anatomy: Structure and function, group action of muscles, physiology of muscle action. How we create movement on a horse.

  • Movement patters of the equestrian athlete: How do we move?  the neuromusculoskeletal approach


  • Identifying patterns of asymmetry:  How and when does it develop

  • Physiology of movement: How does the Central Nervous System link with human movement? How do we learn to move?

  • Proprioception: Theory and practical application.

  • Pain and Human Movement: Physiology of pain, how do we manage it?

  • Common rider pathologies and injuries: Management and prevention in all disciplines

  • The Testt® process: The theory and practice of using the assessment to identify asymmetry. The Testt® Types.

  • The Testt® process and horse asymmetry: Guest Speaker Louisa Cuomo Latest research using saddle pressure mapping and high speed cameras

Day 2 Practical Application of the Testt® Process: Kindly hosted by Betsy Juliano Havensafe Farms Wellington

  • Identifying Asymmetries during riding: A practical demonstration of basic movements. Observation skills what do we look at?

  • Identifying Asymmetries off horse: A practical musculoskeletal approach to assessment and testing of asymmetries.

  • Correcting Asymmetries : An off horse approach utilising evidence based manual therapy and exercise therapy techniques.

  • Correcting Asymmetries: On horse an overview

  • Utilising resistance bands on horse: Theory and practical demonstration.

  • Utilising facilitatory taping techniques: Enhancing functional movement, theory and practical demonstration

  • The Coaches Role: Guest Speaker Debbie McDonald: How asymmetry influences coaching. 

  • The Asymmetry Triad: The relationship of the human, saddle and the horse: an evidence based approach: Louisa Cuomo

  • Rehabilitation of rider asymmetry: Short and long term approaches. Which exercises matter? What is rider fitness


  • Minimum of 16 hours CPD face to face training

  • Latest research 

  • Multidisciplinary approach

  • Pre “reading”  articles and educational videos for enhancement of learning 

  • All food and refreshments for the two days 

  • Guest speakers

Course Objectives:

  • Understand and Identify Key Rider Asymmetries

  • Identify the Key Muscles and Joints Affected

  • Understand the Functional Biomechanics of a rider during basic movements on a horse

  • Understand the use of key exercises to address major imbalance issues

  • Identify potential Red Flags in riders 

  • Understand the interactions and effects of Horse, Rider and Saddle on performance

  • Understand the Testt® Process and the key rider asymmetry patterns

  • Understand the affects of using the Testt® Band protocols on rider asymmetry

  • Understand the theory and application of Testt® taping to improve a riders symmetry


Lectures Include:

  • Key anatomy of the rider - practical and theoretical

  • Functional biomechanics of the rider - practical

  • Muscle physiology and mechanics

  • Basic exercise physiology and neurology of movement

  • Theory of proprioception and Testt® taping

  • Pain physiology and "Red flags"

  • Practical on horse demonstrations and workshops

Guest Speakers:


Louisa Cuomo

Debbie McDonald USA Olympic Rider and Coach


Day 1 only attendance  £1200

Days 1 and 2 combined £1750

(please note that you cannot attend day 2 without attending day 1)

This is an exclusive opportunity for a maximum number of 20 participants

Strictly NO Auditors

Before purchasing please be aware that  attendance is subject to relevant professional qualification and that payments are non refundable



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