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Covid-19 Terms and Conditions of attending appointments

During these unprecedented times we must try to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 at all costs but we understand that there is a continuing need for Physiotherapy intervention. We have produced information for those seeking support during this time :


Eventphysio Ltd consideration of face to face appointments (during second phase of COVID-19 response)


  • Mitigate risk by offering first or follow up virtual appointments as first option to clients seeking support

  • Walk in appointments are wholly discouraged and will not be seen, pre booking appointment only

  • If client requests a face to face appointment, then telehealth screening will be completed the day before appointment and on arrival of appointment (face to face) to include the following discussion:


  1. Discussion of problem and identification of potential infection risk and red flags

  2. Discuss whether vulnerable adult or shielding vulnerable adult at home – refer back to virtual pathway

  3. Discuss whether recent temperature, unwell, COVID signs and symptoms – refer back to virtual pathway

  4. If client has recently been in close contact with COVID positive person or suspected COVID person – refer back to virtual pathway

  5. Discuss process of attending face to face appointment, risk and mitigation measures, consent and agreement

  6. If client is a minor or requires assistance from third party, ensure that the attending adult equally does not have COVID contact/symptoms and is happy to don the same PPE as client and utilise alcohol hand rub as appropriate


  • Before entering building, client to contact by mobile phone to advise of arrival

  • Stagger appointments times to prevent cross over of clients in the same area

  • Client enters on instruction only, uses alcohol rub and dons mask and sits at entry and is subjectively assessed at more than 2m distance, if progress to treatment then forehead temperature to be taken

  • Treatment will not progress if temperature greater than 37.4 and client will be asked to leave the premises and to seek medical advice if unwell (follow test, track, trace guidance)

  • Treatment plans will include skin to skin contact of less than 15 minutes (if necessary) and practitioner wears single use non latex gloves, single use disposable apron, face mask and shield if appropriate

  • When treatment is complete client uses alcohol rub and pays using contactless method (or payment online prior to appointment), no cash payments to be taken

  • Discuss follow up requirement and move to virtual appointment if applicable

  • Client uses alcohol hand rub and leaves the building


Written by : Andrew Thomas MCSP, HCPC


Date : 28th May 2020


Weekly review and adopt changes as per recommendations

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