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Testt ® Coach Certification is a further tool to the vast toolbox an equestrian coach already accesses. 


Testt ® Certified Coaches have completed the entry level Testt ® coaching course and have then completed an intensive 2 day education programme to develop their knowledge of the Testt ®  process and common asymmetries. The coaches have been educated in the fundamentals of human anatomy, muscle mechanics, proprioception and pain in riders.


The practical elements develop the coaches knowledge in assessing and correcting on horse asymmetry using resistance bands, taping techniques and coaching skills. Coaches are also educated in a hands off approach using functional testing exercises to identify and correct off horse asymmetries.


The assessment of the coach comprises of the submission of 6 case studies followed by an oral viva examination to assess their knowledge base and competencies outlined in the certification process.


Testt ® Certified Coaches are NOT therapists and have not been educated in any hands on therapy modality to correct asymmetries.


Emma McGurk

Testt ® Certified Coach

Emma McGurk . Testt ® Coach,  BD accredited UKCC3 Coach, List 4 judge, BD Youth Coach and test rider judge. BHS Accredited Coach.  I have a wealth of experience working with riders and their horses of all abilities, from Grassroots up to Regional and National levels. I also work with Showjumpers and Event riders looking to improve their flatwork and positions.

I am very excited to now be able to offer sessions working on Riders symmetry and positions using Andy Thomas'  Thomas Equestrian Symmetry Types and Tests, Testt ® method. Helping the rider to correct their symmetry and help them to develop awareness of where their bodies are and how to develop stability and control in the saddle, therefore improving horses straightness engagement, security to the contact and improvements in lateral work. 

I have an encouraging teaching method and I am able to help you achieve your personal goals.

My clients have achieved good ridden achievements competing at Regional and National levels and also on the teams for The Home Internationals and Inter Regional competitions. 

Based in Tunbridge Wells Kent, I cover the South East and can come to you for private session or clinics 07866020263 emmamcgurk@aol.com


Debbie Sykes

Testt ® Certified Coach

Testt ® Coach, BHS APC Stage 4 Senior Coach in Complete Horsemanship, BHS Stage 5 Stable Manager, UKCC L3 Coach, 

Equine Sports & Rehabilitation Massage Therapist (ESMT) with qualifications in therapeutic ultrasound and MFR and IAAMB/ACWT registration 


I am passionate about coaching all disciplines and all abilities of riders. I enjoy helping riders to fulfill their potential with their horse for Competitions, BHS and PC exams and just for enjoyment. I can travel to clients or they can use my floodlit arena. I also hold my Cert ED.

My decision to enrol on the Testt ® Coach Certification programme was probably one of the best I’ve ever taken. With over 25yrs experience in the equine industry it has given me a new set of ‘tools’ which have enhanced my coaching skills. My understanding of rider anatomy and how muscles work and the direct correlation to how the horse moves has been increased. I have learnt how to test riders for their symmetry in a logical way. Because of the greater understanding of anatomy taught by Andy in an easy to grasp manner I have been able to focus far more on the influence of the rider. My observational skills have improved and the best bit is being able to use off-the-horse exercises to help the rider become more symmetrical. This coupled with the use of appropriate bands and taping allows the rider to feel where you want them to be. It’s an all round win-win situation-the rider sits better so the horse goes better-simple!


I am so excited now to be able to offer sessions working on riders’ positions and symmetry using Andy Thomas'  Thomas Equestrian Symmetry Types and Tests, Testt ® method. 

This helps the rider correct their symmetry by developing their awareness of where their bodies are and what they are doing. This therefore has massive benefits to the horse as the rider becomes more stable in the saddle with better control. The horse’s performance improves especially in their straightness, contact and engagement and so enabling them to work more easily. 

With this added qualification I can now combine working on both horse and rider to achieve their goals 

Based in Saddleworth in the North West I am happy to also travel to Cheshire and Yorkshire for either clinics or private sessions

Tel 07712780608



Katy Murphy

Testt ® Certified Coach

Kate Murphy – Testt Certifed Coach, BSCC Level 3 Coach (British Showjumping) & Advanced Centre 10 Coach. I also hold qualifications in human (ITEC) and equine massage therapy (Equitherapy UK) My interest in rider symmetry was for myself initially which led me to find Andy. As a rider I found the Testt process made a huge difference to my symmetry and body awareness/proprioception in the saddle. I jumped at the chance to join the Testt foundation course for coaches a few years ago and now I am thrilled to say I have completed the Certified course using the Thomas Equestrian Symmetry Types and Tests, Testt ® method. 

I will now be able to offer riders the chance to benefit from the tools I have learned which can only help the horse and rider be in greater harmony whatever the discipline. When a rider feels more balanced in the saddle with better motor controls the horse will often become straighter, more relaxed and produce greater balance and control too. Using off horse and on horse techniques to assess and correct rider asymmetry, the Testt process is simple but effective and can be incorporated into any coaching session. 

With over 30 years of competition experience my passion is showjumping but I am happy to coach non jumping riders too. I welcome all levels of rider from any background.

As an Advanced Centre 10 Coach I believe building confidence in performance goes hand in hand with securing the rider’s position and feel.  Feeling more secure in the saddle physically will no doubt enhance the rider’s mental state of confidence too.  

Based in Suffolk, nr Ipswich I work within the local area but often travel to Herts, Essex & Cambs for freelance coaching or clinics.

Contact 07961945004   Website : www.katemurphyequestriancoach.com  

Email: hello@katemurphyequestriancoach.com


Clare Ashley

Testt ® Certified Coach

I am a UKCC level 2 BD recognised coach and a list 4 BD judge..... I have competed at regional and national level. I train riders from grass roots upwards who are competing in all 3 disciplines of dressage, show jumping and eventing. I am so pleased to be able to now bring the Testt® processes to my own coaching so I can help my clients become straighter and enhance their horses performance.


Having gone to one of Andys clinics as a rider in the summer of 2019 and then going for follow up sessions afterwards I could see the major benefit it was having on my own riding and the way of going of my own horses, minor details that I was improving were improving my scores in the dressage arena and within my schooling sessions.


I have also been able to help various clients rehabilitate their horses that have had asymmetry and lameness problems by bringing the Testt® process in to the rehabilitation work and by helping the rider you lead to helping the horse.


I am based in Meopham, Kent but I cover the South East area and can offer private sessions or clinics.





Claire Dobbs

Testt ® Certified Coach

I am a BHS Stage 4 Coach in Complete Horsemanship and Stable Manager, Challenge Award and Ride Safe trainer,UKCC L2, Franklin Method Equestrian Coach and Centre10 Foundation Coach.  I have a wealth of experience and passion for helping riders and their horses of all abilities to achieve their goals.  I also teach yoga including yoga for equestrians.

As a Testt® certified coach I offer lessons across all equestrian disciplines incorporating the Testt® (Thomas Equestrian Symmetry Types and Tests) method. The Testt® method can help to correct rider asymmetry and develop awareness and ‘feel’ for symmetry.  This can help riders to develop greater balance, stability and feel for movements thereby improving the horse’s way of going and overall performance. The Testt® method uses on and off horse techniques to assess and address rider asymmetry and is a simple and effective process that can be incorporated into any coaching session. ​ 

Based in South west London and also on the Somerset/Devon border I am a freelance APC and offer private lessons or clinics in both locations.  If you’d like any further information or would like to book as lesson then, please call me on 07776 186005 or email me at museandthemustang@hotmail.com   www.mustandthemustang.com


Nicola Bell

Testt ® Certified Coach

As the founder of Sparrow Oast Dressage & Simulator Training  I have always had a passion for rider position and balance. Over the last 8 years I have been able to further develop this using Hoggy our Dressage Simulator and have clients visiting from all around the UK and some as far as the USA.


As I have worked my way up to riding and training  Grand Prix horses I have been able to look at the tiny details of rider position that can make such a difference to the horse’s way of going. By adding the TESTT process to my work I can further assist riders in their asymmetries, producing a programme for them to work with both on and off the horse. The Thomas Equestrian Symmetry Types and Tests system has already helped many of my clients become more symmetrical and have greater awareness of their bodies, the result is the horses become more supple, better balanced and the picture becomes more harmonious. Our strapline is “POSTURE & BALANCE = PERFORMANCE" and this is certainly true when incorporating the TESTT process into our work.


For more information please contact Nicola Bell - 07803 255221 - Email: Nicola@sparrowoast.co.uk - 

Sparrow Oast Dressage & Simulator Training, Headcorn, Kent 


Karen Kelly

Testt ® Certified Coach

I am a Horse Sport Ireland Level 1 Coach, an Equipilates and Biomechancis Trainer, a Franklin Method for Equestrians Trainer, Centre 10 Foundation Coach and Neurokinetic Therapist.  I have a passion for educating riders as to how they can improve their position and balance to benefit themselves and their horse.    


As a TESTT certified coach I am very excited to be able to utilise the  Thomas Equestrian Symmetry Types and Tests to help riders improve their asymmetries and body awareness both on and off horse. I have used the process on all levels of rider across all disciplines and the one consistency is the no matter what level rider or discipline, they all benefitted from the process and they continue to implement the methods.

Based in Ireland, I am available for group and 1:1 sessions. 



Ph + 353 876537446